Learning English is not a Choice, it is a Necessity


Language arts

Let’s not get big on why we have to learn the English language. Let us start with little things that it can do that might help and even save you.

Globally, the English language is used to communicate with people inside and outside the country. Let us admit that there are English words that have no equivalent in our local dialect. So that being said, English makes us understand each other and help us explain things better.

Another thing, if you love to travel or you are the kind of person who moves places, it is very important that you learn the English Language or more so hire an English tutor. Plan ahead of time and learn the basic greetings and other helpful phrases that can get you by such as asking directions. In accordance to being a traveler, learning the mother language can be useful in avoiding misunderstanding that can cause more mishaps.

English are both useful and valuable when we talk globally

English language can help you to become a better version of yourself, by being proficient in it you can understand movies and books more. It can help you get more information and we are talking unlimited information the mother language can offer. In using the World Wide Web, imagine when you are searching for an article and you cannot understand any of it because the lack of knowledge in the language that is used, that is a major loss for you and in performance on your research work.

This last reason on why you have to learn the English language is the most obvious but taken for granted; it boost your confidence. When you know in yourself that you can communicate well in English you won’t be afraid to point things out directly to the people you are conversing with because you know you can present your issues well.

In that way, you won’t be afraid to connect with other people and butt in to conversations because you know that you can express yourself and you can understand them in return. The beauty in communication is that you grow more as a person through the people you had conversation with. And that communication level can only be reached through learning the English language well.